Your Love Story Our Frames

Wedding marks the first day of the rest of your lives, and our team promises to capture every moment in the most special way. We don’t capture faces, we capture emotions. We deliver excellence in our work with a promise that every time you look back at those pictures and films you relive your special day. We don’t just shoot weddings, but we capture your love story in our frames.

We have shot over a dozen weddings across the country. We specialize in destination weddings, incorporating every element of the beautiful place onto your wedding pictures. For us, shooting a wedding isn’t work, but preserving every memory of your special day.Capturing your special day in the most special way! Your LOVE STORY, our Frames!

Pre wedding photography

With Pre wedding shoots, couple wants to cherish beautiful moments between them before wedlock. They want to announce their commitment towards each other. Some book pre wed shoots to overcome camera fear and improve chemistry between them. Pre wedding shoots help you two to get to know each other more.

Post wedding photography

Bonding between newlyweds actually begins after they are relieved from the busy wedding schedules. The hesitancy is replaced with tranquil serenity. Indulge in beautiful hours of togetherness (in front of the camera). The stress of the big day is gone and presents a perfect scenario for gorgeous photos.

Candid Wedding Photography

Our style of candid wedding photography captures your wedding experience for you to cherish and relive in the many years to come. We strive to make pictures that make you think and feel all at once.We capture the beauty of two people falling in love, connecting families and lives.

North Indian Wedding

Love nestles in quiet corners, sudden moments. A quick gaze. A wide smile. Unconscious expressions.This is especially true when you are in a crowd, like in a wedding.We love to tell stories – especially those that revolve around love and happy endings. We make your day special.


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